See.Sense Brings Superior Insight to Make Cycling Safer

Person riding bicycle on the road at night

~ Sponsored Content ~ Cycling technology and data company See.Sense is on a mission to make cycling and micromobility better – by making it safer and collectively smarter. Launched a decade ago with innovative bike lights to keeps cyclists seen, its bike lights are now used by more than 120,000 cyclists world-wide and See.Sense is…

VivaCity’s Advanced AI Putting Traffic Authorities on the Front Foot

Traffic monitoring vision

~ Sponsored Content ~ “Crikey that was close!” How many times have our adrenaline-charged hearts skipped a beat to similar thoughts as a vehicle nearly squeezes us or a co-rider crashing into the gutter? “This totally changes the way we talk about and manage road safety for cyclists and pedestrians.” Near-misses are not only frightening…

Survey Seeks Solutions for More Cargo Bike Deliveries

e-cargo delivery bike on city street

~ Sponsored Content ~ Greater insight to the current state and potential of last-mile delivery in Australia will be provided by an industry survey currently being conducted by consultants WSP. The survey, open until Friday 31st March, is exploring topics such as the current use of micromobility for freight in this country, the barriers to…

Velosure – Boosted Coverage for eBikes

Purchasing an eBike is a sizable investment and one worth protecting but many regular insurance schemes won’t cover assisted bicycles.

– Sponsored Content – It may come as a surprise, but many home and contents insurance policies won’t cover the theft of an e-bike as they would a regular bicycle. Many cycling-specific policies won’t cover e-bikes either. Ebike popularity is booming but this situation means there’s a rapidly growing group of bike owners who can’t…

Australian Ingenuity Creates World Leading Ebike Racks

GripSport Ebike Rack

Due to their extra size and weight, Ebikes can present design challenges when it comes to transporting them on the back of a vehicle. But Australian manufacturer GripSport has come up with unique solutions to these challenges.

From modest beginnings in founder Jon Weaving’s backyard workshop back in 1998, GripSport is now quite probably the largest bicycle related manufacturing business in Australia. It now occupies three adjacent factory units in Melbourne’s northern suburbs, where it’s highly skilled and experienced team employ the latest design technology and even robot fabrication of some components.

This expertise in design and manufacture shows though in their latest GSE racks that carry two ebikes weighing up to 30 kg each.