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Electric Riders Australia Wants to Be the Change

Although it is a very young organisation, Electric Riders Australia (ERA) has set itself a big task – the legalisation of the vehicles that their members love to ride, including e-scooters, e-skateboards and one-wheelers.

influencers! Interviews Launching 1st August

Over the years, we have come across many passionate, influential people, who are making a difference in some aspect of cycling or micromobility. Some are unsung heroes, others are leaders in their field who you already know.

The Best Tool for the Job

#BikeIsBest is a UK bike industry funded media campaign promoting cycling. It’s a collaboration between industry, advocacy organisations and local authorities. Out of Home (billboard) company Clear Channel has also donated about £250,000 (A$455,000) worth of space on electronic billboards in prime city locations.

Tenuous Infrastructure – The Sequel

Last month I wrote an extensive article about some new ‘temporary’ infrastructure being trialled in my home town of Wollongong NSW. I began by saying that I didn’t want to make a habit of writing about back-yard stories. I intend for the Micromobility...

Dutch Cargo Bike Rides on Passion, Expertise, and Lived Experience

Dutch Cargo was founded in 2010 by Jurgen and Emmy Heikamp, two Dutch nationals who brought their experience and passion for day-to-day cycling with them to Australia.

Cargo Craft Offers 50 Million Kilometres of Proven Reliability

For the first time, Australian consumers can now purchase one of the most thoroughly tested, locally designed, bulletproof e-bikes in our nation.

Yuba’s Spicy Curry is a Genuine Alternative to a Car

Cargocycles founder Gary Cookson is not just running a thriving business. He’s passionate about what the products he sells can do for our families, cities and environment. "Cargo bikes can definitely replace a second car"

Made in Australia – Krankie Cargo Tricycles

On an unassuming suburban house block, located about 10 kilometres south-west of Sydney’s city centre, Andrew Graf is manufacturing possibly the most complex bikes ever to be made in Australia.

Adelaide’s Bad Decision is Just a Symptom of Deeper Issues

Let’s start with a confession, then some context, before I offer my opinion for your consideration and comment, that I grew up in the city that will be ‘Exhibit A’ in this opinion column.

Australia’s Turn Next?

Australia and Canada have a lot in common. They’re both former British colonies, who to this day enjoy friendly sporting rivalry every four years at the Commonwealth Games.

When Will Our Governments Start Joining the Dots?

In this article I’ll look at two recent decisions by two different governments, that are equally disturbing for a slightly differing set of reasons. Banning Scooter Trials: Andrew Constance has deep roots in the Bega region on NSW’s far south coast. In the 1860’s his great-great-grandfather, James Constance, drove a team of bullocks through the Bega Valley and settled there as a bush pioneer until his death in 1912. Andrew Constance told this story in greater detail during his maiden speech to the NSW parliament on 21st May 2003. In that same maiden speech he said, “The broader policy questions about the environment mean surely it is time to dare our Government and citizens to consider every option…”

Australian Ingenuity Creates World Leading Ebike Racks

Due to their extra size and weight, Ebikes can present design challenges when it comes to transporting them on the back of a vehicle. But Australian manufacturer GripSport has come up with unique solutions to these challenges. From modest beginnings in founder Jon Weaving’s backyard workshop back in 1998, GripSport is now quite probably the largest bicycle related manufacturing business in Australia. It now occupies three adjacent factory units in Melbourne’s northern suburbs, where it’s highly skilled and experienced team employ the latest design technology and even robot fabrication of some components. This expertise in design and manufacture shows though in their latest GSE racks that carry two ebikes weighing up to 30 kg each.


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