What Exactly is a
Light Electric Vehicle?


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Watch Warren Salomon - former CEO of Bicycle NSW


The Signs are Clear, Integration is Essential

Integration is essential for micromobility to be successfully embraced as a mainstream transportation option – and wayfinding must be central to that seamless connection, according to an international study by the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP).

An Appropriate Method of Transport for Short Distances

Every now and then, a humorous video crosses our desk and we have a little chuckle and move on with our day. Sometimes...

ACT Scooter Scheme Set for Expansion

Canberra, ACT An ongoing e-scooter trial in the ACT could be expanded to all Canberra town centres by the end of 2022, the ACT Minister...

Beam Partners with UK Government for ACT Promotion

Central Canberra & Belconnen, ACT Micromobility advocates and operators have been particularly busy this month, lending their voices to the key messages emerging from the...

Four e-Scooter Share Trials Announced

E-scooter share schemes will be trialled in four Victorian local government areas from later this year, in a 12-month pilot coordinated by the State’s Department of Transport. Three metropolitan councils – the cities of Yarra, Melbourne and Port Phillip - will be joined by the regional City of Ballarat for the trial announced last month.

Lime Eases Financial Squeeze for Low-Income Customers

Long-standing micromobility share scheme operator Lime last month launched two social equity programs in Australian cities – a discounted ride program for Health Care Card holders and a free-ride initiative to encourage COVID vaccinations.

Further Expansion for Adelaide e-Scooter Trials

E-scooter share schemes in the heart of Adelaide are poised for further expansion, with the City of Adelaide council resolving to extend a pilot in North Adelaide for another 12 months. A meeting of the council last month voted to apply to the South Australian Minister for Transport and Infrastructure for an extension of the North Adelaide trial beyond its current deadline of 31 October.

Beam is Focused Upon Our Region

The world of bike and scooter share scheme operators has been like the wild west over recent years. Companies have started with a bang, then been refuelled by huge
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