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$28 Million Upgrade to Mike Turtur Bikeway

Adelaide’s Mike Turtur Bikeway runs from the city centre to the popular seaside suburb of Glenelg along the land reserve of the famous Glenelg tram line. Named after South Australia’s Olympic Gold Medallist and long-time Race Director of the Tour Down Under, Mike Turtur.

Why Now is the Right Time for an E-bike Subsidy in Australia

By Dr Elliot Fishman* In May 2021 the Victorian government, in response to heavy criticism of their electric vehicle...

‘No More New Road Building’, a Nation Decides

Cardiff, Wales The Labour-led Welsh government is freezing new road-building projects as part of its plans to tackle the...

Spain Drops Speed Limit to 30kph – Nationwide!

Madrid, Spain It’s long been proven by multiple studies and expert reports that in order to minimise deaths of...

Spain is the Next Domino to Fall

Madrid, Spain Earlier this year we wrote about Canada adopting and providing federal funding for their first national Active...

Wellington to Ban Cars from City’s Main Streets

Wellington, New Zealand Wellington is moving ahead with plans to ban cars from four main ‘Golden Mile’ streets -...

Cyclists Demand Access to Auckland Harbour Bridge

Auckland, New Zealand Not unlike Sydney, Auckland is a city on two sides of a large harbour that is...

Canada’s Historic First Federal Funding of Cycling Infrastructure

On 12th March 2021 Canada’s federal government announced C$400 million (A$416 million) in funding to be invested over five years to help build new and expanded networks of pathways, bike lanes, trails and pedestrian bridges.

Adelaide Scraps Plans for Critical Bikeway

Adelaide City Council has abandoned plans to spend $5.8m on a new east-west city bikeway.

Major Expansion of 40 kph Zones in Canberra

Australia’s capital city is about to significantly expand its 40 kph zones in the CBD’s of Civic, Braddon, and Tuggeranong.

Critical Missing Link Receives $1.5 Million in Funding

For years, local cycling and walking advocates have been campaigning to reopen the Glenbrook Tunnel in the Blue Mountains of NSW, just west of Sydney.

Key Cycling Organisations Present United Front

On 24th March 2021, 10 key cycling organisations joined forces to present a single submission giving feedback on improvements to the draft National Road Safety Strategy 2021-30.


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