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Key Cycling Organisations Present United Front

On 24th March 2021, 10 key cycling organisations joined forces to present a single submission giving feedback on improvements to the draft National Road Safety Strategy 2021-30.

Critical Missing Link Approved for New Zealand’s Capital

New Zealand’s national capital of Wellington has a greater urban area population of 429,700 in 2020, but due to its extremely hilly terrain and limited land, being surrounded by ocean on three sides, only half of these people, 215,100 to be exact, live in the city of Wellington itself. The other half live in nearby urban areas including Lower Hutt and Porirua. Also due to this extremely rugged terrain, a single four lane motorway is the only main road that links Wellington to the rest of New Zealand. Currently there is no separated cycle route along this main road, that has been built on a narrow strip of in some places reclaimed land, wedged between the mountains and the sea. The only space for cyclists is the shoulder of what is an extremely busy high speed road.

Paris is Re-Proving ‘Build it and They Will Come!’

Cycling advocates around the world know that if they can overcome entrenched resistance and actually get protected facilities installed, the riders will come. Now a recent study by the Paris city government has found that new cyclists account for almost six in ten users of pop-up cycle lanes in Paris, installed first in response to a public transport strike last winter with the network subsequently enlarged due to the coronavirus pandemic. The study also revealed that prior to the pop-up bike lanes being put in place, women made up 36 per cent of cyclists in Paris, which has now risen to 41 per cent.

German Climate Package Earmarks $1.38 Billion for Cycling

Germany’s federal government has announced that will be investing 900 million Euro (A$1.38 billion) into cycling as part of its national climate protection programme. The largest portion will be funded through a €660 million (A$1 billion) ‘City and Country-side’ (‘Stadt und Land’) program, which was officially published on 25 January by the Federal Ministry of Transportation. The investments in both urban and rural infrastructure are intended to help unleash the potential of cycling for climate-friendly transportation across the country.

Over 900% Return On Investment in Active Travel

A new research paper by a trio of leading transport academics has found an economic benefit to the tune of £724 million has been recognised on £80 million in active travel investment. Authored by University of Westminster Professor of Transport Rachel Aldred, Dr James Woodcock and Dr Anna Goodman, the paper is titled: ‘Major investment in active travel in outer London: impacts on travel behaviour, physical activity and health.’

Australia Takes a Step Towards Legalising Scooters and Other Micromobility

Canberra, ACT Australia’s National Transport Commission (NTC) has released its recommendations for common micromobility legislation across all Australian States...

New Green, Micromobility Friendly Plan Approved for Paris

Paris / France Over recent years Paris has already been making the news for all the right reasons when...

Two of NYC’s Iconic Bridges to Get Dedicated Bike Lanes

New York City / New York / USA Some new protected lane infrastructure announcements are more significant than others...

Taking Lanes on Key Melbourne Arterial Road

Melbourne / Victoria Many Melbourne residents and some visitors would be familiar with Heidelberg Road which is one of...

Wider Bike Paths in Commonwealth Avenue Bridge Upgrade

Canberra / ACT One of Australia’s most famous and photographed bridges is about to get a $137 million upgrade.

More Pop-Up Cycleways Announced for NSW

Further to the first six pop-up cycleways already constructed that we wrote about here, on 23rd November 2020 Transport for NSW announce...

USA Public Volunteers US$1 Billion for Cycling

In the USA, just like Australia, motor vehicle transportation receives the lion’s share of government transportation funding each year, with public and...


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