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Design Competition Announced for Sydney Harbour Bridge Cycle Ramp

The future of a long-awaited cycling ramp at the northern end of the Sydney Harbour Bridge will be put in the hands of the public, with the state government announcing a competition to determine the final design.

Infrastructure Australia’s New Plan Embraces Micromobility

Infrastructure Australia (IA) is an independent statutory body that is the leading source of research and advice for governments, industry and the community on nationally significant infrastructure needs.

Scotland ‘Goes Irish’ With Huge Boost to Active Travel Funding

Spending on active travel initiatives in Scotland is set to more than treble to nearly £60 per (A$115) person per year – an unprecedented sum for anywhere in the United Kingdom

Charting Transport – A Treasure Trove of Insights

Melbourne based Chris Loader is a long-time transport analytics expert. His current role is Manager, Network Analytics (Rail) at the Victorian Department of Transport. In his spare time, he produces the Charting Transport website and blog.

Bird Launches its First E-Scooter Share Scheme in Australia

Fraser Coast residents and visitors will soon be able to rent electric scooters for short trips around Hervey Bay after Fraser Coast Regional Council announced approval on 28th July 2021 of a six-month e-scooter trial

1,000 Cyclists to Gather Safety Data – Automatically

On 7th July 2021 the Victorian Government is launched an Australian-first trial, using smart bike light technology that will assist in finding new ways to reduce road trauma in cyclists. The 12-month trial will see a diverse group of 1,000 Victorians given access to a See.Sense smart bike light, with the technology capturing crucial road safety insights, as well as providing safety benefits in the form of increased visibility.

California to Subsidise E-Bike Purchases

California may be the mecca of urban motorways and car culture, but their state government is achieving something that no Australian state has yet managed. California’s latest state budget has allocated US$10 million (A$13.3 million) to help its citizens buy e-bikes.

Community Cans Proposed Bike Path

A new bike path planned between Castle Cove and Chatswood has been rejected by the community, with residents and motorists clutching to their carparks and high speeds.

Paris Takes Further Bold Steps

Paris will soon become even more welcoming to bikes as the city authorities extend the 30km/h speed limit to the whole city. About two-thirds of the city’s streets were already 30kmh limited, but by the end of August 2021 it will apply to all streets except the ring road surrounding Paris and major boulevards and arterials.

Far Fewer Shoppers Come by Car Than Retailers Assume – Study

Retail traders often fear that reducing the amount of urban space made available for parking private vehicles would have a negative effect on their businesses. There have been multiple studies over the years proving that this is not the case. The latest one was just released on 20th July 2021.

UK Further Increases Cycling Infrastructure Funding

One year ago, as we reported here, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced £2 billion (A$3.64 billion) in new funding over the next five years to accelerate the growth of cycling and walking in the UK.

Scooter Hirers Spend More – Study Reveals

A major study of scooter hiring tourists in Townsville has revealed that the more they rode, the more they spent at local businesses including shops and restaurants.


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