Product Briefs: Benzina Zero, Cannondale and CUBE

E-Mobility manufacturer Benzina Zero is continuing its steady ascendance with the release of three new models in spring – e-mopeds the Vasto and V-50 and the company’s first e-scooter, the V-10.

The Vasto has a classic European scooter style and has been named after the town that is home to Benzina’s new European headquarters in Italy.

It sits in contrast to the hyper-modern Duo that earned plenty of attention in Australia and overseas for Brisbane-based company.

The V-50 veers more closely to the Duo’s more modern styling, with its magnesium alloy frame for durability. The frame incorporates a removable lithium battery for easy charging, a dedicated phone app for on-the-go monitoring and control and the option to add a carry basket under the seat for additional storage capacity.

Man siting on e-moped on the beach
Benzina Zero’s Vasto. Photo credit: Benzina Zero.

The V-10 is engineered around a one-piece, lightweight magnesium alloy frame highlighting the gusset design and incorporating LED feature lighting.

Benzina says e-scooters are the future of urban transportation.

“As cities, towns and urban areas have become denser, there has been a huge shift towards smaller modes of personal transport. We are right behind this shift,” it says.

Cargo Debuts for Mainstream Players

Electric cargo bikes further entrenched themselves in the bicycle industry mainstream when Cannondale and German manufacturer Cube recently released their own interpretations of a longtail e-cargo bike.

Cannondale last month released both its Cargowagen Neo longtail and a front-loading Wonderwagen Neo as its entry to the e-cargo bike category.

Both versions have Bosch Cargo Line motors and the Cargowagen will come with a choice of drivetrains and battery options.

Product shot of ecargo bike
Cannondale is scheduled to release the Cargowagen Neo in Australia in January. Photo credit: Cannondale.

The Cargo Neo 1, which is due for release in Australia in January 2024, has a 545Wh battery and Shimano Deore 10 speed drivetrain.

Buyers in other countries will also have access to a Cargo Neo 2, with a 710Kw battery and Enviolo CVT internal hub gear drivetrain.

The Wonderwagen Neo has a front cabin that is wide enough for two kids’ seats side by side, with adjustable headrests and five-point harnesses, and has sides that wrap up high around the occupants for additional comfort and protection.

Alternatively, it can carry up to 100kg of cargo and includes dual headlamps with 260 lumens each.

Cannondale’s announcement of the cargo bikes comes a few months after the company released its Compact Neo city e-bike in Australia.

The Compact Neo – with 20-inch tyres, rear hub motor and 250Wh battery – is reminiscent of the company’s Hooligan non-electric bike produced from 2007 to 2019.

Person riding an ecargo bike
CUBE’s new Longtail Hybrid. Photo credit: CUBE.


CUBE’s Longtail Hybrid has a compact design, with 26-inch wheels, and is available with hub gears or as a Shimano 10-speed ‘Sport’ version.

The German-based company also recently began production of an electric Trike Hybrid, initially developed in collaboration with BMW.

The trike has two rear wheels and one front wheel and is built around a front main frame that leans into corners independently of the rear section. An innovative tilting mechanism allows the bike and cargo to remain stable and safe when cornering, while retaining the natural ride feel of a conventional bicycle.

Product shot of ecargo trike
The CUBE Trike Hybrid in its family configuration. Photo credit: CUBE.

“A further advantage of the non-tipping cargo box is that the extra load weight barely has an effect on the handling,” Cube says.

The trike’s pedal-activated electrified drivetrain powers both rear wheels and is combined with a Bosch 750Wh battery.

The Trike Hybrid will be available in two fully equipped versions. The Trike Family Hybrid can carry one or two children, as well as shopping or other items. The Trike Cargo Hybrid has 50kg of load-carrying capacity and a height-adjustable cover.

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