First Element of Warburton MTB Destination Opens

Warburton recently took a physical step forward towards its long term goal of creating a world class Warburton Mountain Bike Destination (WMBD).

On Saturday 18th November 2023 the Wesburn Park Pump Track officially opened. Wesburn Park is a large existing public sporting facility located a couple of kilometres to the west of Warburton, adjacent to the main road from Melbourne.

In a post on LinkedIn, Matt Harrington, Executive Project Manager, Warburton Mountain Bike Destination said, “Delivered by World Trail, this track features separate beginner, intermediate and advanced sections, with the advanced area including a mirrored, head to head, race track.

“This track joins Coldstream Station Pump Track and will soon be complimented by WMBD and the Morrisons Reserve Bike Park ($2.4M funding secured) which will commence construction next year.”

You can see a video of the new track here

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