Just Enjoy the Ride

A Serial 1 'roadie' needs the Ebike Guru

Utah, USA This hilarious video from Serial 1 by Harley Davidson, should be just what you need to relax during this busy season. Take a moment to decide if you’re a ‘roadie’ or a ‘guru’? Everyone knows the “roadie,” racing around the neighborhood in a Spandex skinsuit and shaved legs, shouting “on your left!” at…

An Appropriate Method of Transport for Short Distances

Feet - an appropriate method of transport for short distances

Every now and then, a humorous video crosses our desk and we have a little chuckle and move on with our day. Sometimes these videos relate to the industry or are relevant to our work in some way, so we decided that by sharing these little moments of fun with others, it will gear us…

The Best Tool for the Job

#BikeIsBest is a UK bike industry funded media campaign promoting cycling. It’s a collaboration between industry, advocacy organisations and local authorities. Out of Home (billboard) company Clear Channel has also donated about £250,000 (A$455,000) worth of space on electronic billboards in prime city locations.