Micromobility Report Podcast

Welcome to the Micromobility Report Podcast!

Launching in mid-2024, the Micromobility Report Podcast will entertain and inform you through conversations with change makers working in all aspects of micromobility across business, government, academia and advocacy.

Initially we’re planning to release one podcast per month. Although we’re based in Australia, we’re intending that at least half of our podcasts will be with guests from around the world.

We’ll create a Show Notes page for each episode. This will live on our Micromobility Report website that contains hundreds of micromobility articles that we’ve published since launching in 2020.

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About the Presenters

Irene McAleese

Irene McAleese is the Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at See.Sense, an innovative leader in cycling technology. Irene directs the company's strategic initiatives and global partnerships, leveraging See.Sense's advanced connected bike technology to enhance cyclist safety and provide unparalleled data insights for urban transport planning. This technology not only improves safety and security for individual cyclists but also equips city planners with critical data insights that help to optimise infrastructure, improving safety for all road users. Her efforts have propelled See.Sense to receive the Prince Michael International Road Safety Award and a Platinum Award from the UK’s Digital Catapult.

Originally from Australia, Irene brings over 20 years of global experience from her work in the UK, Singapore, and Northern Ireland. Beyond her role at See.Sense, Irene is a recognised leader in the cycling and micromobility sector. She serves as an 'Export Champion' for the UK Department for International Trade, has been a key member of the Board at Cycling Industries Europe, and continues to influence as a Board Adviser on Diversity for the UK Bicycle Association. As an Ambassador for the Women in Cycling Network, her influential work has been recognised in Cycling UK's 100 Women in Cycling and she is celebrated as one of the top 50 mobility changemakers by Zag Daily.

Phil Latz

Phil Latz has had a lifetime involvement in many aspects of cycling. He started racing at age 10 and a decade later raced internationally including a season for a team based in France.

In 1989 he and his wife co-founded Bicycling Australia magazine, which was followed by Mountain Biking Australia, Bicycling Trade, Bicycling YearBook, Triathlon Sports, Where to Ride Cycling Guidebooks, the Bicycling Australia Show, Where to Bike LLC (USA) and a range of other activities.

Phil sold the media business after 25 years and then focused upon advocacy, helping to set up We Ride Australia and co-founding World Bicycle Relief Australia.

In 2019 he co-founded a new media company that now publishes The Latz Report newsletter, website and YearBook for the bicycle trade and the Micromobility Report newsletter, website, YearBook and podcast (launching mid 2024) which covers a wide range of topics related to e-mobility and infrastructure.

In 2020 Phil established Latz Business Coaching, through which he coaches bicycle business owners across Australia and NZ.

Phil has co-founded two annual charity rides, has served on the board of Bicycle Industries Australia (BIA), spent seven years on the Active Transport Reference Group for his home city and consulted to a wide range of cycling related organisations.

Today, Phil is passionate about making Australia a better place for his grandkids to ride bikes.

He still rides frequently and expects to have bicycle wheels fitted to his coffin.