Season 1 Episode 1

Philip and Irene McAleese are the co-founders of See.Sense. Established in 2013 by Philip and Irene McAleese, See.Sense leverages advanced sensor and AI technology to make cycling and micromobility safer and smarter.

Philip and Irene have won a string of prestigious international awards for their ground-breaking technology that they’ve been rolling out in countries around the world.

Having founded See.Sense in Northern Ireland, at the start of 2024 Philip and Irene moved to the opposite side of the globe to re-settle in Brisbane, Australia.

Despite the big move, they still have a team working back in Northern Ireland and projects running in Europe, as well as new projects in Australia and elsewhere.

In this episode, you’ll learn more about their remarkable journey so far, plus hear an announcement about some exciting new technology they’re launching to expand the services that they can offer.


Website: See.Sense

See.Sense has featured in a TV Series called "Big in America with Alex Polizzi". Here is a link to the episode about them:


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