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Lime Rolling Out New Products for People with a Disability

New York city residents who use a manual wheelchair may be able to use the Lime app to order a free rental of an attachment that turns it into a power vehicle.

Trek Announces Big Plastic Packaging Reductions

Amongst their many positive benefits, bicycles are renowned for their environmental friendliness. So it’s ironic that when you unpack and assemble a new bike, you end up with a huge pile of rubbish, much of it single-use plastic.

Lyft Unveils its Latest Share E-Bike

San Francisco, California, USA Lyft may not yet be in Australia, but as it is by far the biggest...

Bird Adds to Mixed Fleet Trend

California, USA Ahead of its stock market debut, e-scooter company Bird is entering the bustling e-bike sharing business with...

More Than Just Handmade Bikes at HBSA 2021

Phil Latz attended the 2021 Handmade Bicycle Show Australia to visit the custom bicycle frame builders and other bicycle product and accessories distributors on display.

The Stark Politics of Vehicle Choice Revealed

San Diego, California  In wealthy western countries, apart from avid cyclists and inner city dwellers of major cities, most residents...

Shimano Launches First e-Cargo Specific Drive Units

Osaka, Japan On 27 April Shimano announced the launch of two new e-Cargo drive unit models, advancing its position in the...

Bike Brands Now Targeting Mainstream Consumers

In another sign of how cycling is rapidly becoming ‘mainstream’, two very different bicycle companies are both reaching out beyond the usual audience of bicycle brand marketing campaigns.

How Bicycle Frames Could Become Batteries

One of the downsides of electric bicycles is that they’re heavier than conventional bikes. But imagine if the bicycle frame itself could also be the battery.

Book Review: Cycling for Sustainable Cities

Ralph Buehler and John Pucher are two highly regarded and widely published American academics. It has taken them almost a decade, but in early 2021 they’ve published Cycling for Sustainable Cities.

German Sales Point to Future Growth Potential in Australia

If you’re wondering why bicycle factories cannot produce enough bikes, parts and accessories to keep up with both Australian and global demand, a look at the 2020 sales figures of just one country, Germany, will help to explain why.

Australian Ingenuity Creates World Leading Ebike Racks

Due to their extra size and weight, Ebikes can present design challenges when it comes to transporting them on the back of a vehicle. But Australian manufacturer GripSport has come up with unique solutions to these challenges. From modest beginnings in founder Jon Weaving’s backyard workshop back in 1998, GripSport is now quite probably the largest bicycle related manufacturing business in Australia. It now occupies three adjacent factory units in Melbourne’s northern suburbs, where it’s highly skilled and experienced team employ the latest design technology and even robot fabrication of some components. This expertise in design and manufacture shows though in their latest GSE racks that carry two ebikes weighing up to 30 kg each.


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