Carr Brothers Activate US Expansion for Fewer Cars on LA Roads

Family using ecargo bikes

Los Angeles, US Lug+Carrie founders Daniel and Ben Carr have flicked the on switch for their expansion into the US, with their new Wombi business taking subscriptions in Los Angeles from last last month. Wombi is being billed as the US’s first e-bike subscription service tailored for families, with a unique FamilyFlex bundle that gives…

Benzina Mopeds Join Zoomo Fleet

electric moped

Sydney, NSW A succession of new partnerships for mobility as a service company Zoomo has continued with a collaboration with another Sydney-based company, e-moped brand Benzina Zero. Zoomo is incorporating Benzina Zero’s Duo+ mopeds into its offering for food delivery services, initially offering them for rent through its Sydney outlet. “We are thrilled to announce…

Ride Kola Trials Give Organisations Greater Thirst for Active Transport

Group of professional people standing with e-bike

Melbourne, Victoria A pilot collaboration between e-bike subscription service Ride Kola and Melbourne’s Merri-bek City Council has achieved a high success rate in convincing council staff to swap their cars for active transport for commuting. Merri-Bek council last week released results from the program, which enabled 20 staff to borrow a Ride Kola e-bike throughout…

Folding e-Bike Solution for Europcar Efficiency

Birmingham, UK Europcar Mobility Group UK is using folding e-bikes to deliver and collect rental vehicles from customers, as part of the organisation’s One Sustainable Fleet program. The company recently announced it has invested in e-bikes throughout its UK network to boost time efficiency and cut carbon emissions, following a three-month trial in Birmingham. The…

How Do You Get Beginners Riding $7,000 e-Cargo Bikes?

Lug & Carrie eBikes

Most readers of the Micromobility Report would probably agree that getting more people riding bikes more often is a good idea. By extension, they’d say that getting more families on bikes, more young kids travelling to school via bike, more shopping done by bike and a host of other everyday applications, would be even better.

Will Your Customers Start Hiring and Subscribing to Bikes Instead of Buying?

Swapfiets car and people with bikes

Tech savvy media commentators, futurists and other technophiles are very eager to tell anyone prepared to listen that this is the age of the shared economy. They say that instead of buying products, customers, especially younger generations, are happy to share, hire, subscribe, rent or swap. While this may be beyond dispute for products such…

EcoCaddy Creates New Markets


Adelaide / SA EcoCaddy is certainly not a traditional bicycle business. But at merely four years old, this company will be employing up to 60 people this summer, pedalling their unique machines. EcoCaddy was founded by Adelaide resident Daniels Langeberg, in total contrast to the career that he’d planned for himself. “I come from an…