Survey Seeks Solutions for More Cargo Bike Deliveries

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Greater insight to the current state and potential of last-mile delivery in Australia will be provided by an industry survey currently being conducted by consultants WSP.

The survey, open until Friday 31st March, is exploring topics such as the current use of micromobility for freight in this country, the barriers to its adoption, and the potential benefits and challenges associated with its use.

Micromobility industry professionals, councils, delivery services, and other stakeholders are being invited to complete the survey, to help create a clearer picture of the sector’s potential and restrictions, and the measures need to realise that potential.

street scape sketch
The survey can be completed in a few minutes but will provide vital feedback from industry practitioners for measures to make cargo bike deliveries a more common sight in Australian urban centres.

“Input from as many people as possible, in each of those groups, is vital to ensure we have a complete picture of the potential benefits and challenges associated with micromobility for freight,” according to WSP Director, Cities, Sara Stace.

The survey follows a paper produced by WSP to explore the potential of micromobility for last-mile delivery and identify the benefits, challenges and potential solutions with this emerging industry.

Sarah and WSP colleague Shifani Sood outlined the findings of the paper when they presented at last November’s inaugural Micromobility Conference in Sydney.

bicycle delivery person on city footpath
What are the advantages and obstacles to making cargo bikes the logical choice for last-mile deliveries in Australian cities?

Their presentation, The Future of delivery: Unleashing the potential of micromobility for the last mile, included live audience participation, encouraging conference delegates to provide input on what is needed to be addressed by industry, government and community to foster and maximise the benefits of micromobility last-mile delivery.

“This survey is building further on that existing research, to gain insight from an even greater sample of stakeholders,” Sara said.

“WSP believes micromobility has the potential to transform the transportation and freight industry by providing a sustainable and efficient way to move goods in urban environments,” she said.

“However, we recognise there are many factors to consider before this vision can become a reality.

Cargo bikes on London street
E-Cargo bikes, including an expanding range of purpose-built trailers for added capacity, are becoming increasingly prevalent in overseas cities such as London.

“The survey takes only a few minutes to complete and we encourage everyone with an involvement in last-mile delivery and micromobility to share their knowledge and opinions.” Sara said.

“WSP is committed to exploring new and innovative ways to improve transportation and delivery systems.”

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