Ortlieb – Watertight, Durable & Diverse Backpacks

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The Ortlieb brand has an unsurpassed reputation amongst hardcore touring cyclists, but their range is more expansive than you might imagine. While heavy-duty long-haul touring panniers are still a staple for the German brand, they also offer lightweight bikepacking bags, hiking packs, office bags, map cases, messenger bags, water carriers, drybags, travel bags and even horse panniers!

Key models include the Ultimate Six Free; a handlebar bag that features a lockable magnetic lid to provide easy single-handed access to your gear. Available in five or seven-litre versions, it fits handlebars up to 31.8mm diameter, has internal dividers, key hooks and can be paired with an optional map case. The transparent top compartment serves as a convenient storage location for smartphones, allowing navigation and touch-screen access while keeping the device out of the elements. For off-the-bike versatility, the Ultimate Six Free also comes with a shoulder strap.

Ortlieb Bikepacking Bag
Ortlieb offers all manner of compact bikepacking bags and all feature durable, watertight construction.

Their bikepacking line-up includes a number of frame packs, under saddlebags, handlebar roll packs and compact panniers. The options allow the load to be distributed throughout the bike and they’re optimised for those who prefer to travel light without compromising durability. The diversity within their bikepacking range means there’ll be something to suit most adventure-oriented bikes; from gravel to MTB and fatbikes too.

Ortlieb Messenger Bag Pro
The Messenger Bag Pro incorporates a transparent outer panel that can be used to convert the pack into a mobile billboard.

Ortlieb has a range of five messenger bags that cater to the bike courier. All place an emphasis on simplicity, comfort and robustness for day-in, day-out use. Interestingly, the Messenger Bag Pro even incorporates a transparent outer panel that lets couriers use the pack as a mobile billboard, allowing them to advertise their services or spruik their employer. This range includes fashionable backpacks and travel packs; Ortlieb has won several outdoor prizes for these models.

Of course their bread and butter remains pannier bags and their range is huge. Ortlieb has models that cater for everything from general use and commuting through to long-distance touring; their largest Back-Roller rear panniers have a massive 35 litre capacity; that’s 70 litres for the pair!

Combine them with a pair of 15L panniers up front and you’ll be well equipped to tour the globe, Covid permitting of course!

Ortlieb Front Panniers
While the range is broader than you may think, durable waterproof pannier bags remain the mainstay for the Ortlieb brand.

Regardless of the product line, all Ortlieb products share the same key features; they’re robust, waterproof and made in Germany using European sourced materials. And if you need a rack to complement an Ortlieb pannier bag, Diggari is also the distributor for Tubus. Another German brand, Tubus manufactures their racks using high-quality materials such as chromoly steel, stainless steel and even titanium.

Diggari has been the Ortlieb distributor since the ’90s and you can check out their entire product line at www.diggari.com.au


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