Dutch Cargo Bike Rides on Passion, Expertise, and Lived Experience

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Dutch Cargo was founded in 2010 by Jurgen and Emmy Heikamp, two Dutch nationals who brought their experience and passion for day-to-day cycling with them to Australia. 

Since the start-up, Dutch Cargo secured exclusive Australian distribution agencies for a range of top quality European and global brands including Tern Bicycles, Urban Arrow, Bakfiets.nl, Nihola Bikes, Nijland Cycling and others. 

Tern HSD

Understanding that reliability, local support and brand recognition are critical for both dealers and consumers, their electric assist models come with either Bosch (Active Line Plus, Performance and Cargo Line) or Shimano (Steps / EP8) drive systems. 

They’ve successfully adopted an omni-channel distribution strategy, wholesaling through over 20 dealers around Australia and also creating a destination store as part of their Melbourne warehouse and office headquarters. Dutch Cargo Bike will move into a new location premises in Melbourne by the middle of 2021 preparing them for the next 3-5 years of growth. 

Clearly their strategy has been working, with double digit annual sales growth each year. 

In fact, Dutch Cargo now handles a far wider range of products and categories than their name suggests, including Urban and Commute, Cargo Bikes for Families, Inclusive Cycling and Folding. 

They have models that can carry anything from one to four children, with two or three wheel options, front and rear loading. 

Urban Arrow Family

In recent times Jurgen and Emmy have seen a boom in sales of cargo bikes for families.  

“We like to show consumers that these bikes can be a genuine second car replacement,” Jurgen said, “or just plain fun for the family!”. They offer safe and healthy transport. We see huge further growth potential in this ‘bikes for transport’ market.” 

Dutch Cargo supports the acceleration of the transport revolution through creating a new not-for-profit venture, called ‘Bike and Stay’, with the website coming soon.  

They’ve also just created this professionally produced video which is perfect for educating beginners and will hopefully be the first of a YouTube video series. 

Dutch Cargo Bike hold substantial stock in their Australian warehouse so that they can supply customers promptly. 

For more information visit www.dutchcargobike.com.au or phone 0458 858 713. 

Team Dutch Cargo Bike is ready to answer all dealer questions.

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