Australian Ingenuity Creates World Leading Ebike Racks

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Due to their extra size and weight, Ebikes can present design challenges when it comes to transporting them on the back of a vehicle. But Australian manufacturer GripSport has come up with unique solutions to these challenges.

From modest beginnings in founder Jon Weaving’s backyard workshop back in 1998, GripSport is now quite probably the largest bicycle related manufacturing business in Australia. It now occupies three adjacent factory units in Melbourne’s northern suburbs, where it’s highly skilled and experienced team employ the latest design technology and even robot fabrication of some components.

This expertise in design and manufacture shows though in their latest GSE racks that carry two ebikes weighing up to 30 kg each.

One of the challenges on making a rack that has ample strength to carry such big, heavy bikes is that the rack itself needs to be quite large and heavy.

GripSport’s unique design quickly disassembles into three parts, so that it can be easily fitted and removed from a vehicle without having to lug and store a single, large rack. You can watch the disassembly video below:

Another challenge is to avoid the need for users to lift heavy ebikes onto the rack.

GripSport overcomes this with a strong, removable channel ramp that fits to the left (footpath side) of the rack (see picture below).


A third major issue with all rear mounted bike racks, but particularly for heavy ebikes, is avoiding the need to remove the bikes when accessing the vehicle’s hatchback, boot lid or tailgate. GripSport’s racks tilt further than other brands, making access easy even with the biggest bikes and widest handlebars.

The GSE comes in two versions, the GSE for $795 and the GSE+ that adds a lights and number plate assembly, for $995.

Both models can be supplied in a standard towbar or 50mm square hitch version.

As this dramatic video shows, GripSport have designed and built their own ‘torture testing’ bed that can simulate roughest road conditions for extreme driving distances. Thanks to this proof of every design, GripSport confidently give a lifetime warranty with every rack.

GripSport makes a wide range of racks across three series: Adventure, Urban and Caravan.

They also make bike parking solutions, bike trailers plus a wide range of spare parts and accessories.

GripSport racks are available via Australia wide networks of bicycle and caravan dealers. You can also purchase direct via or call (03) 9466 2553

Taillights on Gripsport model
Gripsport lights and number plate assembly

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