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Harley Offshoot Now Pioneering e-Bike Connectivity


Milwaukee, US

The poster child of noisy motorcycles, Harley-Davidson, has continued its move into micromobility by becoming one of the first manufacturers to incorporate Google Cloud connectivity into its e-bikes.

The US company’s e-bike arm, Serial 1, last week launched its second-generation CTY e-bikes with the enhanced connectivity, to capture ride data, improve security and safety.

Integrated digital security enables customers to precisely track, monitor and digitally lock their Serial 1 e-bike remotes.

Riders can use Google Maps to plan the best bicycle-specific routes — including bike lanes, paths and bike trails – then follow turn-by-turn navigation.

Serial 1 bikes aren’t available in Australia yet but a spokesperson for the company said it is working hard to make it’s bikes available to as many countries as possible.



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