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340km Range for New Swiss e-Bike


Fehratorf, Switzerland

Two new bikes by Swiss start-up Opium are raising the bar for e-bike range, with its 6 LR promising a maximum range of 340km on a single charge.

Its 1,670Wh battery can be complemented by a 470Wh range extender, which is necessary to achieve the full 340km range.

On the eve of the bikes’ official unveiling at Eurobike 2022 in July, the company is claiming its more standard Opium 6 has a range of 256km, eclipsing other long-range e-bikes on the market.

It has the same 1,670Wh battery as the LR version, but does not have the option of the ranger extender.

Both models have an 850-watt brushless motor.

Unfortunately for Australian buyers, Opium has confirmed it will be focussing exclusively on the larger European markets.


  1. Even if Opium decided to bring its long range e-bikes to Australia, with their 850W motors, they could not legally be ridden on any public roads, bike paths, or off-road tracks in Australia. High time to change our regulations for e-bikes to the modified California regulations and, once adopted, strictly enforce them!

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