New Models and First President for VanMoof

Amsterdam, Netherlands

High-profile Dutch e-bike manufacturer VanMoof appointed its first president last month, in the wake of launching two new models.

A former CEO of leading online travel agency, Gillian Tans, has been appointed to the role recently created to aid the next phase of VanMoof’s growth.

During her 20 years with, Gillian oversaw its expansion from a Dutch start-up to the world’s leading online travel marketplace.

“At VanMoof, she’ll help realise the vision of making electric biking the default transport choice for moving around our cities worldwide,” Van Moof says in the statement.

“Tans’s experience combines years at the highest executive level, building world-class teams and scaling global operations – all factors that will be crucial in the next stage of VanMoof’s growth.”

Gillian says she was raised on bikes and has “seen first hand how riding opens cities up”

VanMoof founders Taco and Ties Carlier will remain as co-CEOs, with Ties focused on product innovation and Taco dedicated to the company’s global corporate strategy.

Gillian Tans
VanMoof’s first president, Gillian Tans.

5 Series Launched

In April, VanMoof unveiled its latest generation e-bikes, including its first step-through bike, the A5.

It says the A5 angled frame is designed for wider accessibility, making it easy to mount and dismount the bike.

It comes with multiple cargo options to assist with city errands.

Similarly, the S5 has slightly smaller wheels than the S3 straight-frame model, to extend its market to shorter riders.

Both 5-series models benefit for re-engineered features, including a “near-silent” 250-watt Gen 5 motor, with boost torque of 68 newton-metres and a longer range of 150km.

They also introduce a ‘Halo Ring Interface’ LED display integrated into handlebars, showing speed, battery levels and connectedness, and enhanced anti-theft technology.

The 5 series has a revamped in-wheel Kick Lock, with a bigger pin and an auto retract function that can unlock as soon as the bike senses its owner is close.

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