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Queensland Families Increasingly Turning to Electric Mopeds


Brisbane, Queensland

A steady stream of Queensland families is turning to electric scooters to save money amid rising fuel prices and other costs of living, but not just the type of scooters most commonly associated with micromobility.

Australia’s first all-electric vehicle concept store, EV Motors Brisbane, is selling a growing number of electric moped scooters.

The recently established store is reporting sales of one or two e-mopeds every day and rising.

EV Moto Brisbane’s founder, Mark Beitz said an increasing number of people are changing the way they look at personal transport.

“While some are buying the on-road scooters for their first vehicle, many are using them as a second vehicle as they offer more mobility but cost nothing to run,” according to Mark, who is managing director of Bartons Motor Group.

He said people want to be seen riding them because the new scooters designs are modern and chic, “with options from European style to – believe it or not – a hog”.

In addition, the zero-emission scooters only require a car licence in Queensland, can be charged from a normal power point, travel up to 50 kmh, and cost around $5,000 to get them on the road.

Australian Automobile Association’s (AAA) recent Transport Affordability Index show families throughout Australia pay, on average, more than $100 per week on fuel.

“It’s not surprising that people are looking for transport alternatives that will save them money but still give them mobility,” Mr Beitz said.


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