First Commuting Journey for Rejuvenated Mavic

Frankfurt, Germany

Mavic has launched its sporty take on urban commuting, with its Speedcity wheels and helmets.

Eurobike 2022 provided the first glimpse of the Speedcity range outside of France.

Mavic’s International Product Line Manager, Maxime Brunand, said Speedcity is Mavic’s first foray into the commuting sector and combined a rare level of performance with some practicalities for urban riding.

Its aerodynamic design is lighter than most commuter orientated helmets, at 300 grams, and features a visor more typically seen on the track or a race against the clock.

However, Maxime says the visor design enables riders to wear their usual glasses, ready for their arrival at their destination. The visor also seals at the top, to provide protection against wet conditions.

Further adaptability to weather conditions is provided by interchangeable liners, so riders can opt between increased ventilation or protection against the cold.

Speedcity helmets also have reflective yarn in the straps to enhance visibility in low-light conditions.

Speedcity Wheels

The Speedcity range also includes a new wheelset in 700mm and 650mm options.

The wheels are comparatively lightweight but robust, designed with rough city roads in mind. The 700mm rims are 25mm wide, while the 650mm alternative is 30mm wide and both rim options have a pinch-flat protection system.

The wheels also feature high-quality hubs and slightly reflective decals – so they’re visible in low light but without blinding other road users.

Maxime said the Speedcity range is design to capture people who take up riding as commuters and after a while become more serious with their cycling. It is well suited to the weekday commute but offers high performance for weekend rides.

He said Speedcity is part of a reinvention of Mavic, after it recently separated from the Amer Sport group and, once again, became an independent company.

“We are an international brand of more than 130 years but we are now able to approach our business as a start-up,” he said.

He said the company moved into a new headquarters earlier this year and is enjoying a new lease on life.

Eurobike 2022 also featured the world premiere of a clincher version of Mavic’s high performance Ultimate wheels.

It is 15 years since Mavic launched the tubular Ultimate and Maxime said the clincher would open up the model to a much broader audience.

It has the same R2R (rim to rim) bladed carbon spokes than run the full diameter of the wheel, and are bonded to the hub to create a one-piece wheel.

He said the approach improved aerodynamics and helps to keep the Ultimate clincher’s weight down to 1255 grams for the set, compared to 1440 grams for the SLR, which has previously been Mavic’s top-end clincher.

Maxime said Mavic has been developing the Ultimate clincher since 2017. Its breakthrough came when it devised a metal insert to sit within the rim to attach the spokes.

Mavic’s Eurobike display featured the first Ultimate clincher pair off the production line and deliveries to distributors has begun.

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