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Advanced Approach for Sustainable Revolution


Frankfurt, Germany

German bike manufacturer Advanced has thrown down the gauntlet with its claim to have the world’s most sustainable bicycle and production processes.

Its Eurobike 2022 display included the first glimpses of its Revolution Reco bike, which it says is the world’s first production injection moulded carbon composite e-bike frame that can be completed recycled.

Advanced founder and CEO Helge von Fugler said the new frames are build using 40% recycled carbon. More impressively, those frames will be 100% recyclable, to help create a fully circular bike.

It’s part of the company’s goal to be the first completely carbon neutral bicycle manufacturer by 2025.

“It’s one of our key areas of responsibility,” Helge said.

The company’s production plant in Osnabrȕck is powered entirely by renewable sources.

Advanced partnered with fellow German company V Frames to develop the Revolution Reco, which will go into production in October.

At a retail price of €4,500 (A$6,693), Advanced has pre-sold 12,000 of the Revolution Pro.

Advanced was established 11 years ago and has spend the past two and a half years developing the Revolution Pro.


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