Neuron Launches e-Bike Service in Sydney

Sydney, NSW

Neuron Mobility now has share schemes in each Australian major city, after the Singapore-based company introduced 250 of its safety-first e-bikes to Sydney last week.

It already has e-scooter operations in Melbourne, Brisbane, Hobart, Adelaide, Canberra, Darwin and Perth, as well as five other Australian cities.

Townsville City Council last month approved an application by Neuron to expand its service area by 16 square kilometres in the Far North Queensland city. To support the expansion, the company will increase its scooter numbers in the city from 250 to 450.

The expansion coincides with customers in the northern Queensland city surpassing a total of one million kilometres for Neuron scooter rides since the service was launched in Townsville in September 2020.

Neuron says a recent survey found 70% of e-scooter rides in Townsville resulted in a purchase, so local businesses would welcome the broadened coverage area.

The survey also found the average trip length in Townsville is 1.9km and 46% of all trips replaced a car journey, eliminating an estimated 73 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Ninety percent of riders believe Neuron has made a positive impact on the city.

Concession Pass Program

Neuron announced the Sydney service would be incorporated into a concession pass program recently launched by the company in Australia and NZ as part of its global equity and accessibility program.

Depending on the city, discounted passes provide up to 50% off weekly and monthly passes.

Concession Pass holders receive unlimited rides for 90 minutes per day, with no additional unlocking fees, resulting in daily fares as low as $1.65 when calculated over the duration of their pass. In comparison, a single trip costs $1 to unlock the vehicle, then 45 cents per minute.

The passes are available to anyone with a relevant concession from an eligible government support program, including the Health Care Card, Pensioner Concession Card, Companion Card, and Commonwealth Seniors Health Card.

The Concession Pass is also available to users in Brisbane, Darwin, Melbourne and Perth, but will be available in more Australian cities across this year.

“Our hope is that this initiative will have a meaningful impact for low-income users by expanding their mobility options,” Neuron’s Head in Australia and NZ, Richard Hannah, said.

Neuron said the Sydney service would create up to 20 jobs in the city, to be recruited locally.

They will incorporate a range of roles, including Operations Manager and Warehouse Supervisor, as well as Technicians and ground patrol team members.

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