Historic Bird Integration With Madrid Public Transport

Madrid, Spain Bird has teamed with Madrid Municipal Transport Company to launch Europe’s first two-way bikeshare integration of apps and services. Bird Bikes are now incorporated into the Spanish capital’s Mobility 360 transit app, while the city’s BiciMAD public bikeshare can be accessed through the Bird app. The joint integration comes soon after Madrid Mayor…

Neuron Launches e-Bike Service in Sydney

Neuron Mobility’s launch of e-bike share services in Sydney means it now has operations in every Australian major city.

Sydney, NSW Neuron Mobility now has share schemes in each Australian major city, after the Singapore-based company introduced 250 of its safety-first e-bikes to Sydney last week. It already has e-scooter operations in Melbourne, Brisbane, Hobart, Adelaide, Canberra, Darwin and Perth, as well as five other Australian cities. Townsville City Council last month approved an…

Bike and Scooter Share is Booming in Darwin

Darwin Neuron Bike and Scooter Share

Darwin is one of Australia’s most remote cities. Geographically it’s closer to Singapore than Sydney. It’s the capital city for the Northern Territory, which is Australia’s most sparsely populated state or territory with

NSW Abandons E-scooter Trial – Minister ‘Not in the Mood’

Andrew Constance

The NSW government has abandoned plans for an electric scooter trial in Sydney despite a national push to legalise the mobility devices.

Electric scooters are illegal on roads and footpaths in NSW, but sales continue to grow.

Transport Minister Andrew Constance says he was “not in the mood” to have e-scooters on Sydney streets, even though his department ran a lengthy process recommending conditions for holding a trial.

Lime to Invest $64 Million Into Ebike Share as it Eyes Float

Lime eBikes

Market leading Lime is getting back to its roots. The scooter company formerly known as LimeBike announced in late February 2021 that it will invest US$50 million (A$64 million) to grow its shared electric bicycle network, including adding a new model of bike and doubling the number of cities in which it operates.

Lime got its start with shared bikes, only to quickly pivot after Bird first introduced the concept of dockless electric scooters in 2017. The company dropped the ‘bike’ from its name and started phasing out its bikes in 2019. But the following year, Lime acquired bike-share company Jump from Uber, and suddenly, bikes were back on the menu.

What’s the Future of Micromobility in Australia?

Neuron Scooters

By Justin McCulloch* Over the past five years, Australia has had a strained relationship with micromobility. We’ve seen everything from the ongoing COVID-19 bicycle boom, to the rise, fall, and return of e-scooters in many cities around the country, to street trees and rivers being used as parking for cheap dock-less bicycles. Whether it’s because…

Oslo Gets Serious About Micromobility

Oslo Gets Serious About Micromobility

Oslo / Norway The City of Oslo has seen a 77% increase in bicycle traffic since passing a dedicated bicycle strategy in 2015. They were previously building just 1.5 kilometres of separated cycling infrastructure per year which was increased 10 fold to over 15 kilometres per year. This is about to double again as they’ve…

Will Your Customers Start Hiring and Subscribing to Bikes Instead of Buying?

Swapfiets car and people with bikes

Tech savvy media commentators, futurists and other technophiles are very eager to tell anyone prepared to listen that this is the age of the shared economy. They say that instead of buying products, customers, especially younger generations, are happy to share, hire, subscribe, rent or swap. While this may be beyond dispute for products such…