New Electric Vehicles Importer Secures National Distribution

On 30th September 2020 e-Motion Concepts (eMC) and Ride Sports announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding for exclusive rights for distribution, sales and servicing of eMC’s EMoS branded electric vehicles for Australia and New Zealand by Ride Sports.

Ride Sports is a Brisbane based company that has been a major supplier of electric bicycles for commercial deliveries. One of their major clients is Domino’s Pizza, with a fleet of more than 2,500 ebikes in Australia alone.

Ride Sports’ chief executive Rian Bell said, “We see the expansion of our portfolio to include the EMoS products as a logical step in offering electric transport solutions that go beyond electric bicycles and fill a gap in the commercial delivery space, but also provide alternative transport options for commuters.”

eMC is a Brisbane company operating under the EMoS brand as an importer and manufacturer of Light Electric Vehicles for transporting people and goods.

Over the past three years EMoS has developed a substantial product offering ranging from personal mobility devices to e-moped and e-motorcycles. Their commercial applications for transporting of goods being the CT-KARGO and CT-KUBE vehicles.

EMoS recently extended their product range to also include a chopper inspired e-moped called ‘WYLD’ which will also be distributed as part of this agreement.

Harry Proskefalas, eMC CEO commented, “Having an agreement with Ride Sports, offering a national footprint for distribution and service, is an important partnership that will provide customers with the service and support of a well-established and experienced company.”

Tony Blackshaw, Head of Operations at Ride Sport said, “We are excited to expand our product offering with the well curated EMoS product offering, that does not only provide exciting LEVs but also vehicles that will enable novel delivery and transport solutions that potentially lead to new and innovative business models.”

Wolfgang Roffmann, Founder and Chief Technical Officer of eMC added, “Ride Sports and eMC have a common goal, to make LEVs a universal way of transporting goods and people and providing not only higher efficiencies for private and commercial users, but also do it with less emissions, quieter and easing congestion.”

The EMoS iTango is part of the new range to be distributed by Ridesports.

First Retail Outlet Announced

The first retail outlet to carry the EMoS products will be Nibble Bikes in Newstead, an inner Brisbane riverside suburb that has undergone major urban renewal from its former industrial past.

Nibble Bikes is the brainchild of Jess & Paul Halhead. The husband and wife team have a long history in the automotive financing industry. They have recently developed a keen interest in the light electric vehicle industry and are currently finalising the fit-out of their first driver hub, showroom and retail outlet.

Jess said, “We are thrilled to be offering the innovative and different but functional range of EMoS products.” Paul added, “Our first retail shop, at 40 Waterloo Street in Newstead, Qld will be the first of hopefully many across Australia where we can offer light electric vehicles that delight our customers, whilst being quiet and without tailpipe emissions.” The showroom in Newstead will officially be opened 30th October 2020.

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