City of Geneva to Subsidise ‘Soft Mobility’

The city of Geneva in Switzerland is the nation’s second most populous city with 1.26 million in its greater urban area. It’s best known for being the European headquarters of the United Nations plus being the headquarters of many other global organisations.

The Geneva City Council has just announced that it will subsidise three aspects of what they’re describing as ‘soft mobility’. These are skills training, rental and purchase.

Firstly they will subsidise their residents to undertake sills training courses to a maximum of 80 Swiss Francs (A$120).

Secondly they will assist with the rental of ebikes and cargo bikes for one month or more at subsidy rate of 50% of the rental cost to a maximum total value of 250 Swiss Francs (A$375).

If residents choose to purchase a cargo bike, they can receive a subsidy of 10% of the purchase price to a maximum of 500 Swiss Francs (A$750). The subsidy covers bike trailers and appears to cover a broad definition of cargo bikes including long tails for carrying children.

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