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Equity Partner Take-Over Gives Enviolo Added Drive


Amsterdam, the Netherlands

UK private equity partner Inflexion has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Netherlands-based company enviolo, which developed a popular continuously variable transmission hub.

Enviolo, which also has operations in Texas, designs and develops transmission systems for high-quality e-bikes, predominantly for the European and North American markets. Enviolo was originally launched in 2007 as NuVinci. It was rebranded as enviolo in 2017.

The company’s proprietary hubs don’t have ‘steps’ or indexing between gears like a regular bike, so rider can easily change gear by twisting the shifter at any time while riding.

Both its manual and Automatiq models utilised enviolo’s continuously variable planetary technology.

More than 100 OEM brands are making enviolo-equipped bikes

Inflexion Managing Partner Simon Turner said: “The enviolo team has created an innovative product offering which makes cycling more appealing and comfortable to the growing number of cyclists turning to it as a social, healthy activity and an environmentally friendly method of transportation in cities around the world.

“The team is incredibly driven and we look forward to working with them to grow their excellent business further both in the local Dutch market and internationally.”

Enviolo CEO David Hancock said: “Our new partnership with Inflexion will help us grow faster, as their proximity to our Amsterdam office and presence in the US, China and India are well placed to support our plans.”

The purchase is expected to be completed by 31st March 2022.

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