Backgrounds Converge for New Bicycle NSW CEO

Sydney, NSW

New Bicycle NSW CEO Peter McLean has a resume that reads like a trident for cycling advocacy.

Peter started in the role last week, bringing top-level experience in health and wellbeing, environmental sustainability and stronger communities – the three-pronged selling points for cycling as a mode of transportation and recreation.

His previous roles include CEO for the Can Too Foundation – which provides health and fitness coaching as a way to raise funds for cancer research – and Keep Australia Beautiful.

“In those fields, he has driven outcomes which positively impact the environment and communities, working with governments to gain their support for key initiatives including the introduction of key environmental legislation and regulations,” according to a statement from Bicycle NSW.

Peter said the Bicycle NSW role was an absolutely amazing opportunity because it brought together his three main passions.

“It crosses over from the sustainability side of things, in terms of sustainable transport, to health and wellbeing, and building relationships,” he said.

“I can really add value through my advocacy skills and developing strong relationships with both government and the private sector to create a better cycling environment for everyone.”

He also has considerable experience as an elite competitive cyclist, both on the road and dirt.

He climbed to a national ranking of 5th in cross country mountain biking and competed in the National Road Series.

“While I loved competing against the best in Australia, I was never quite as good as the big names. Once I worked out I was okay but I was never going to make a living out of it, I realised I’d better progress my career in another direction,” he said.

“At the time I was studying environmental management at university and I went on to manage a number of not-for-profit organisations, including Keep Australia Beautiful and Compost Industry Australia.”

Major Financial Boost

From environmental advocacy, he moved to health and wellbeing with the Can Too Foundation. His achievements with the organisation included boosting its financial strength by rapidly growing initiatives such as the Ocean Swim program, which improved supporter and member engagement and generated valuable income.

Peter said it is a particularly exciting time to be involved in the cycling industry, “with so much infrastructure development occurring and so much more in the pipeline”.

He said the State’s Net Zero Emissions target is another tremendous opportunity for cycling, which will play a major role in emissions reduction.

“The private sector wants to be part of that Net Zero Emissions economy and we will be there to give advice and support in areas such as end-of-trip facilities for staff and building their health and wellbeing programs through integrated bicycle use,” he added.

“We will be trying to get win-win outcomes for pedestrians, motorists and bicycle users alike.”

While Peter hasn’t raced for many years, he’s continued to cycle as a commuter and recreational rider. He’s now teaching his young daughters to ride.

He has a Bachelor of Environmental Management and completed a Master of Business Administration, sub-majoring in law and public relations.

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