Sustainable BMC Apparel Brand Adicta Lab Arrives in Australia

Brisbane, Queensland

Australian riders will soon have greater access to a Swiss range of performance cycling apparel with a high focus – and plenty of innovation – towards sustainability, with Brisbane-based distributor Advance Traders confirming it is introducing the Adicta Lab brand, part of the BMC Group, to the local market.

Like the parent company, Adicta Lab is based in the Swiss region of Grenchen and was established in 2019 with a focus on sustainable production, as well as high performance.

“All the fabrics and technologies used for this line are created from recycled materials,” according to the Advance Traders brand manager for Adicta Lab, Claire Battle.

“Sustainability is a major focus of this brand and that is something we can all get on board with.”

She said initial stock has arrived in Australia and is ready to order from BMC dealers.

Advance Traders has confirmed it will bring almost all the Adicta Lab range to Australia, including the women’s Alate jerseys and Liana bibshorts and the men’s Valent jersey and Joule bibshort, as well as the socks and race caps.

Actica Lab clothing
Actica Lab clothing is produced using naturally occurring materials and sustainable processes, such as active volcanic particles to provide moisture absorption and body temperature moderation. Photo credit: Adicta Lab.

Adicta Lab says its garments incorporate a number of natural materials that assist with thermoregulation and sweat wicking.

Its patented 37.5® Technology embeds active particles of volcanic sand that “have a high absorbency capacity and transfer infra-red energy emitted by the body to transport moisture away from the skin and out of the clothing”.

In addition, the garments are made from recycled fabrics created by Italian manufacturer MITI. Its Green Soul Recycled Polyester is created from recycled PET plastic bottles, putting plastic waste to good use and curbing CO2 emissions, while its Green Soul recycled polyamides, traditionally known as nylon, reduce emissions and energy consumption compared to virgin polyamides.

The bib shorts will retail for $359.95 in Australia, while the jerseys will sell for $299.95.

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