Pelago Racks Offer Sea of Stylish Touring and Commuting Options

Helsinki, Finland

High-end Finnish bicycle and accessories manufacturer Pelago now has a distributor in Australia, with the Bike Collective kicking off the partnership with a delivery of luggage racks next month.

The Adelaide distributor is already getting good interest from stores, despite starting only recently to spread the word about the initial shipment of 500 racks.

“There aren’t many racks available in Australia similar to what Pelago is doing and stores are telling me it’s really difficult to source stuff like this,” Bike Collective owner Sam Neeft said.

“If you’ve got someone who is doing more tour riding, they will automatically go for the stainless-steel rack because they know it will carry more weight.”

“There’s a bit around from Basil but they’re not doing a stainless-steel rack with a basket or a stainless-steel rear rack. Pelago is also offering front racks in multiple sizes that will suit most bikes – and in stainless steel or aluminium.

“The brand is very much aimed at the touring market but also the general commuter market, for people who would just like to carry more items on their bikes.”

Sam said the stainless-steel racks are popular among tourers because they won’t corrode.

“Stainless steel is also more durable and can take more weight than an aluminium equivalent,” he said.

“If you’ve got someone who is doing more tour riding, they will automatically go for the stainless-steel rack because they know it will carry more weight.

“They are a little more expensive – about $50 recommended retail price in Australia for about 5kg more carrying capacity – so Pelago also does an alumium rack with the same set-up.”

Pelago also produces powder-coated alloy racks, which are also protected from oxidation, and polished alloy models.

“We’re really finding our feet in the market with this first shipment – while providing enough for the spring-summer period – and the initial response has been good,” he said.

“They’re not going to suit every retailer but if you’re a shop more orientated towards selling commuters or weekenders, these racks will be a good option.

“One of the attractive things about Pelago racks is they provide good carrying options that fit a wide variety of bikes – anything from a 26-inch wheel to a 28-inch by euro standards, so a 700c or 29er wheel.

“We’re following up the shipment of racks with a delivery of Pelago bags early next year. They will come direct from Helsinki.

“We’ll start with stores that get on board with the racks, assess their interest in the bags and do a bulk order.”

Sam said he is ultimately looking to bring in Pelago bikes as well but they have been more difficult to source at the moment.

“Pelago is a brand with a traditional European vibe to it, which you don’t see much of in Australia anymore. They’re exclusively non-electric bike, including a number of upright and step-through frames,” he said.

“We’re looking at providing a bike this is just your simple, traditional steel frame commuter or weekender to get from A to B. We like Pelago as a brand because they are comfortable, look really good with traditional styling and have modern componentry.”

Frog Bikes

The Bike Collective is also preparing for its first delivery from UK kids’ bicycle specialist Frog Bikes.

The November shipment, scheduled to arrive in time for Christmas, will mainly comprise the brand’s First Pedal Bikes – the Frog 40, 47 and 53 models.

“The First Pedal Bikes will really be our starting point,” he said.

“We’ll also have a few of the hybrids (Frog 62, 69, 73 and 78), a couple of the new City Bikes and their balance bikes.

“Frog bikes are designed and manufactured in the UK and their quality is great.

“They’ve been designed with a lot of R&D, with good geometry that allows kids to ride a bike properly.

“There’s good componentry on them and they’re lightweight. A lot of kids’ bikes can be quite heavy these days.

“And as a brand, they’re looking down the road at being quite a sustainable company.”

Anyone interested in further information about Pelago and Frog Bikes can contact Sam Neeft at

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