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Wider Bike Paths in Commonwealth Avenue Bridge Upgrade


Canberra / ACT

One of Australia’s most famous and photographed bridges is about to get a $137 million upgrade.

The Commonwealth Avenue bridge spans Lake Burley Griffin, linking the city centre of Canberra in a direct line towards the flagpole at the centre of the federal parliament house.

Pedestrian pathways will be widened and vehicle safety barriers will be replaced to meet current safety standards, and the bridge’s superstructure will be strengthened to prevent structural damage.

There are currently 3,000 active transport trips across the bridge each peak period.

The bridge, which was built in the 1960’s currently does not meet minimum safety requirements in terms of shared pedestrian and cycle path widths.

The work does not include an anticipated new bridge to accommodate Stage 2B of the ACE Light Rail project, which would be a later project, not yet approved.

Commonwealth Avenue Bridge Now
The ACT government intends to build a third span between the two existing bridge spans for the double tracks of the light rail extension.


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