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Hobart Reduces CBD Speed Limits


Hobart / Tasmania

Effective from Monday 1st February 2021, Hobart has become the latest Australian city to lower its speed limits on central city streets.

As you can see from the map accompanying this article for all but two roads the speed limit has been reduced from 50 kph to 40kph. The small roads shown in grey were already 40 kph.

The two major roads left unchanged are Macquarie Street and Davey Street which are busy one way through roads that carry not only city traffic but are the main routes linking all towns south of Hobart with all towns north.

According to the City of Hobart’s website, they will be making a further application to extend the 40 kph zones into suburban retail precincts.

Hobart lower speed zone map
With two exceptions, all main roads in Hobart’s CBD are now 40kph zones.


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