Slower Roads Saving NZ Lives


Auckland, New Zealand A long-term evaluation of lower speed limits in the Auckland region of NZ has found both fatalities and injuries have declined on the slower roads. Deaths have continued to rise on roads where there are no speed reductions. The Auckland region introduced lower speed limits on 700km of selected urban and rural…

Hobart Reduces CBD Speed Limits

Hobart Tasmania

Effective from Monday 1st February 2021, Hobart has become the latest Australian city to lower its speed limits on central city streets.

As you can see from the map accompanying this article for all but two roads the speed limit has been reduced from 50 kph to 40kph. The small roads shown in grey were already 40 kph.

Netherlands Reduces Default Speed Limit Nation-wide… 30 is the New 50

Cycling here just became even safer.

On Tuesday, 27 October 2020, a majority in the House of Representatives approved a plan to introduce a standard limit of 30 kph in built-up areas, replacing the previous 50 kph. Their objective is to reduce road casualties, specifically in areas with schools and strong concentration of children. Esther van Gardere, CEO of Fietsersbond, the…

City of Sydney Pushing For Lower Speed Limits

Motorists could be forced to slow down to 40km/h when driving throughout the City of Sydney, as the NSW government works with local councils to reduce speed limits in areas with high numbers of pedestrians and cyclists. Transport for NSW is negotiating with councils across the city to reduce speed limits to 10km/h in pedestrian-motorist…