Netherlands Reduces Default Speed Limit Nation-wide… 30 is the New 50

On Tuesday, 27 October 2020, a majority in the House of Representatives approved a plan to introduce a standard limit of 30 kph in built-up areas, replacing the previous 50 kph. Their objective is to reduce road casualties, specifically in areas with schools and strong concentration of children.

Esther van Gardere, CEO of Fietsersbond, the peak cyclist’s advocacy organisation in the Netherlands said,

“This is really good news for cyclists and pedestrians in Holland. Not only is it much safer – less deadly accidents will happen – it is also less noisy and better for the environment. According to our opinion the streets should be owned by pedestrians and cyclists, not so much by cars and this is a good step forward to get there! We are actually very proud that years of advocacy led to this result.”

This is yet another example where the contrast between the Netherlands and Australia could not be more stark, with only a few pockets of 30 kph streets in currently legislated and some ‘trials’ occurring in a few other small areas.

Part of this article was first published by the European Cyclists’ Federation.

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