Lime Runs Multifaceted Summer Safety Blitz

Bike and scooter share operator Lime is running a multi-faceted safety blitz this summer in Melbourne, in addition to ongoing safety enhancements. The program includes a ‘safety ambassador team’ and parking wardens.

Rather than handing out fines like council parking wardens, Lime’s wardens hand out “Good Parking Notices” to those doing the right thing. Customers get a five minute free ride voucher as part of each notice.

On 25th January 2024 Lime also hosted a First Ride Academy to teach new riders or visitors to Melbourne how to operate and park a Lime e-scooter or e-bike safely. Attendees receive discount vouchers and lime green flavoured slushies and are asked to complete a safety quiz.

Lime is also using AI (artificial intelligence) to review how well a vehicle has been parked based on the rider’s end-of-trip photo. Within minutes, the technology will use a confidence score to automatically label the parking as either: good, bad or they haven’t provided enough information, with manual override where needed.

If the vehicle is parked incorrectly it is due to it being at least one of the following:

  • Blocking the footpath
  • Blocking the street
  • Blocking an entrance or exit

Lime then invokes their Progressive Disciplinary Policy, in which if a rider parks incorrectly they will receive three warnings, followed by a fee and if they continue to do the wrong thing, they will be suspended or banned from using Lime share bikes and scooters.

“We believe the advancement of this technology is a step in the right direction in solving one of the biggest problem areas of the program. The photo you take at the end of your trip is really important to ensure we can educate our riders and ensure the program supports the wider community.” explained Operations Manager, Lara Nickless

Drunk Riding Test

Lime has activated its drunk riding test that discourages drinking and riding. During peak hours, riders have to pass a reaction time test before their vehicle unlocks and their ride can begin.

High Stakes at Play

Currently Lime and Neuron are the two operators with licences to operate ‘trials’ within the cities of Melbourne, Yarra and Port Phillip. As we recently reported in more detail here, the trials have already been extended three times and the Victorian State Government is now scheduled to finally make a decision regarding indefinite legalisation on Friday 5th April 2024.

Melbourne’s shared scooter ridership is already by far the highest in Australia, even with only three of the 31 local government areas (LGA’s) in greater Melbourne taking part.

If full legalisation proceeds as expected, then at least some of these other LGA’s are likely to approve scooter share schemes, along with a lifting of the currently restrictive fleet numbers in the existing trial LGA’s.

Therefore there are huge potential expansion opportunities for share fleet operators, subject to the government’s decision this April.

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