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Chris Nolte is a very quiet spoken, humble guy – especially for an American!

After enduring some life changing trauma in the Iraq war, Chris started questioning America’s oil based economic system and compromises that this led to.

He became a pioneering retailer of e-bikes in the USA, a heinous crime that earned him a huge fine in New York City!

But Chris fought city hall and eventually won this David vs Goliath battle. Over the years his Propel Bikes business has grown from the smallest possible start-up in to one of the USA’s largest e-bike retailers.

Meanwhile Chris has built the incredibly popular Propel YouTube channel that is now his primary full time job, with over 54,000 subscribers and over 11 million views.

If you’re pressed for time and just want to hear the key points Chris Nolte makes, then Top 6 in 6 will give you six of his most compelling comments within a six minute highlights video. Try it now here!

Chris Nolte Top 6 in 6 interview

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