Yearbook Listing Invitation for Australia’s Micromobility Players

Wollongong, NSW

The first comprehensive, nation-wide listing of organisations in all sectors of Australia’s micromobility industry is scheduled to be launched later this year, with relevant organisations being contacted to confirm their details.

The inaugural Micromobility Report Yearbook, incorporating manufacturers and distributors of e-bikes, e-scooters and other electric personal transportation vehicles, will be a valuable tool for networking in the industry, to help organisations find the products and services they need to foster their operations and their communities.

A digital version of the Yearbook will be hosted on the website for the Micromobility Report, a sister publication of The Latz Report, and businesses and other organisations involved in Australian micromobility can log onto the site to edit their yearbook listing details or to create a new listing.

The Micromobility Report Yearbook will complement the existing Latz Report Yearbook, which was founded in 1996 and has become a valued and much-used resource by bicycle industry members throughout Australia.

While the Latz Report Yearbook provides a directory of players in the Australian and NZ supply chains for bicycles, scooters and associated components and accessories, the new yearbook will cover electric personal mobility devices, as well as the broader active transport sector, such as infrastructure planning and provision, policy makers, advocacy groups, active transport consultants and researchers.

It also incorporates the mobility assist sector as an essential component of micromobility.

Free listings for all relevant organisations in 2024 Micromobility Report Yearbook will be divided between three books – Products: General, Products: Mobility Assist and Infrastructure – to help readers quickly find the information they need.

To create the foundation for the first Micromobility Report Yearbook, more than 300 organisations have been identified, along with information on their contact details, products, services and brands.

They have been invited to review that information and make any necessary additions or adjustments before 27th October. Any other organisations interested in being included can also create an account and input their information on the website portal.

Anyone having problems navigating the portal, or needing any other assistance can contact Gary Wells at or call 0414 684 747.

The online version of the 2024 Micromobility Report Yearbook is scheduled to go live on 17th November, and organisations keen to be involved as advertisers still have until 13th October to book by contacting Ed Price at or 0490 023 877.

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