New Portal to Enhance 2025 Micromobility Report Yearbook

Earlier this year we launched the first annual Micromobility Report Yearbook.

We’re now well underway with planning and working towards the 2nd edition of the Micromobility Report Yearbook. After an extensive process of scope documentation and recruiting, we hired an experienced programming contractor. They are writing a new portal that will create a single interface for all companies who would like to list their products and services in both the Micromobility Report Yearbook and its long-established sister publication, The Latz Report Yearbook.

At the time of writing, the new portal is now complete and undergoing testing. It’s a far more user friendly and intuitive interface than the old portal. We’re hoping this will improve our clients’ experience when updating their listing, which will in turn help make our Yearbooks more complete and accurate.

The Micromobility Report Yearbook is a sourcing guide to help businesses, government employees and other interested parties source products and services they need. It’s actually three yearbooks in one.

Products – General covers all forms of e-bikes, e-scooters and other electrified micromobility vehicles.

Products – Mobility Assist covers all forms of mobility scooters, adaptive e-bikes and e-trikes and other forms of assistive mobility for people with a disability.

Infrastructure covers everything relating to micromobility infrastructure from consulting through to design, construction, data, e-bike and e-scooter share schemes and more.

The Micromobility Report Yearbook will continue to be produced in both print and online ‘flipbook’ formats. You can see the current Micromobility Report Yearbook flipbook here.

We still find that our print version is popular with both listers and users of the Yearbook, so we’re planning to expand the print run and distribution of the print version for 2025.

We’ve also set deadlines for our 2025 edition of the Micromobility Report Yearbook.
The Advertising Booking Deadline will be Friday 4th October and the Material Deadline for both free listing updates and advertising artwork will be Friday 11th October.

The 2025 Micromobility Report Yearbook will be published in November 2024 with the online flipbook version preceding the print version by about two weeks.

For any enquiries about the Micromobility Report Yearbook please contact Ed Price at or on 0490 023 877

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