Tasmania To Host Two Rounds 2022 Enduro World Series

Maydena and Derby, Tasmania

Tasmania’s two premiere mountain bike parks, Maydena and Derby have joined forces to win the rights to host the first two rounds of the 2022 Enduro World Series.

Maydena will start the series on 26th – 27th March with Derby hosting round two on the following weekend 2nd – 3rd April.

This will be the first time in Enduro World Series history that any country has hosted two rounds on back to back weekends.

The series then moves to Nelson, New Zealand the following weekend, giving international visitors three events in 16 days to make the most of their journey.

Of course, all of this is subject to covid restrictions easing in time.

Enduro racing requires athletes to use a combination of endurance, speed and technical skills. Each event comprises between four and six predominately downhill stages – known as special stages – and a series of liaison stages. On each special stage, riders start individually at regular intervals, with the general classification established by adding up all their recorded times.

To reach the start of each of the special stages, riders cover liaison stages either by bike or with mechanical assistance (chair lifts, trucks etc). Liaison stages are not timed. The Trophy of Nations is held along the same principles but raced by teams of three who must ride together. Each team’s result is calculated by combining the times of all three riders. The winners in each category – Men Elite, Women Elite, Men Under 21 and Women Under 21 – are awarded a special UCI jersey.

Derby hosted hugely successful rounds of the Enduro World Series in 2017 and 2019.

The Tasmanian government is underwriting the 2022 events with $475,000 in funding.

In addition to the elite international competition, the EWS format also includes two events, the EWS 100 and EWS 80, open to amateur riders with no qualification requirements.

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