Bird Launches Wheelchair Attachment

New York, USA

US e-bike and scooter manufacturer Bird has released a battery-powered attachment for wheelchairs, launching a share service in New York.

The attachment is compatible with most wheelchairs and comprises a 350-watt motor, lightweight removable li-ion battery and separate forward and reverse throttles, allowing users to navigate hills, inclines and long-distance trips more easily throughout the city.

Bird is offering the adaptive service free of charge to participants in the Bronx, as the company works with the New York City Department of Transport as part of the city’s first shared micromobility program. 

Bird is also teaming with mobility equipment manufacturer Scootaround to offer share services in a growing number of US cities.

The joint venture this month expanded into Seattle and San Jose, enabling people with disability to find, reserve and pay for a selection of accessible vehicles using the Bird app.

The On-Demand Accessible Mobility program was initially available in the Bronx, San Francisco and San Diego.

An image of the battery-powered attachment for wheelchairs from the Bird website.

Bird Scooters Assisting Kyiv Residents

Bird’s local platform partner in Ukraine, Scroll, recently made a fleet of scooters available free of charge in the nation’s capital, Kyiv, to help residents return to work and local business.

Responding to a request from local government, scooters have been provided to facilitate commutes, food deliveries and other uses to support residents and speed up recovery efforts amid city streets damaged by the Russian invasion.

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