New Longtail Cargo Bike from Newcastle Brand

Newcastle, NSW

Australian cargo bike brand Tribe Bikes has released a new longtail, the Evamos.

It is just the second model released by the Newcastle-based company, which launched into the market with a front-loading cargo trike in 2020.

The Evamos can fit two kids on its long rear rack and, courtesy of its integrated MIK mounting system, can be converted from a kid carrier to a cargo carrier in seconds.

“The Tribe Original Cargo Trike has been an incredibly popular bike for us over the last few years. However, we’ve consistently been asked by potential customers about transporting the bike by car and storing the bike where storage is at a premium,” Tribe Bikes co-founder Steve Bull said.

“We knew the Trike wasn’t for everyone and set about developing a bike that is practical, fun, safe and, most importantly, cost effective.”

Eighteen months in the making, the Tribe Evamos has a 20-inch rear wheel and 24-inch front wheel.

He said that configuration enabled Tribe to keep the Evamos’s total length to 195cm – about the same length as a men’s large 29er mountain bike – and its centre of gravity low so the bike feels like a ‘normal bike’ and not a fold-up.

Evamos bike on back of car
The Evamos longtail can carry two kids on the back but is short enough to fit on a car hitch rack. Photo credit: Tribe Bikes.

“It can easily be transported by a car hitch rack and is compact enough to be stored out of the way in most homes,” Steve said.

“Since launching Tribe Bikes in 2020, we’ve been overwhelmed by the positive feedback by the thousands of Australian families who we’ve helped turn ‘the mundane’ into ‘the fun and exciting’.

“We set out to provide an affordable option to families just like our own, looking to get families out of their cars and in the fresh air enjoying the adventures that cycling by cargo bike with your kids up front brings.

“It’s our mission to see more families on bikes and the only way for us to achieve this is to provide a high quality and affordable product.”

The Evamos retails for $4,490, which Steve says is thousands of dollars cheaper than similar alternatives.

The bike is equipped with a Bafang M400, 250-watt integrated mid-drive motor, providing 80nM in torque to assist with pedalling a fully loaded bike.

It comes in four colour options, including aqua and coral as a tribute to Steven and co-founder Nick Kalaf’s hometown of Newcastle.

The duo created Tribe Bikes out of a personal need for more efficient and fun modes of transport.

They were sick of being stuck in traffic or dealing with grumpy toddlers on long walks home from the beach or park. When initial research found European cargo bike brands costing upwards of $10,000, Nick and Steve decided to create their own solution.


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