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Zoomo Delivers Powerful Moped Masher


Sydney, Australia

Sydney’s own global leader in electric last-mile deliveries, Zoomo, last month unveiled its prototype of the Zoomo One, the world’s first 45kmh e-bike built specifically for delivery.

“The Zoomo One combines moped-level performance, unmatched reliability, advanced safety, and broad customisation options to empower riders and businesses to make the green switch from pollutive vehicles,” the company says in a statement.

After initially announcing the launch of the Zoomo One in December 2021, the first fully-functional prototype was revealed at Micromobility Europe in Amsterdam.

“We broke many of the traditional development rules with the Zoomo One”, Zoomo’s Head of Hardware, Christopher Krainer, said.

“The playbook was ripped apart to ensure we made a vehicle for couriers by couriers. This meant putting a human-centred design philosophy first and co-designing the vehicle with mechanics and riders to ensure premium durability and serviceability … whilst working in parallel with our mechanics to ensure designs were adjusted for ease of maintenance.

“We designed the entire rear light system from the ground up, so it goes above and beyond the basic functions of a rear light.”

The lighting system incorporating indicator lights, brake lights, and flashing warning lights, while creating a side light profile to increase visibility to drivers.

The rear light unit also indicates bike failure modes to Zoomo mechanics and is connected to its fleet management system.

“This will display if the vehicle requires maintenance or is ready for operation, a tremendously useful feature if businesses are managing a large fleet of our e-bikes,” he added.

The Zoomo One also incorporates crash detection, real-time battery safety analytics, and real time GPS tracking to help ensure riders remain safe.

The Zoomo One will be available in the US during the second half of 2022, then the UK and Europe in late 2023. A limited run of vehicles will be available from 1 October this year.

Under current e-pedelec regulation the Zoomo One is not road-legal as an e-bike in Australia where the power assist limit is 25kph.


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