New Technology Will Mean Greater Range, Smaller Batteries for Ebikes

Bosch is investing approximately one billion Euros (A$1.63 billion) in new silicon carbide semiconductor technology that is due to enter production in the first half of 2020.

In simple terms, the new semiconductors allow power to flow more efficiently from the ebike battery to the motor. Bosch says that semiconductors made of silicon carbide set new standards for switching speed, heat loss, and size. In power electronics, they ensure that 50 percent less energy is lost in the form of heat. This means ebikes will be able to travel further on a given size of battery, or alternatively, have smaller, lighter batteries without sacrificing range.

The same technology will benefit all types of electric vehicles including cars, hence Bosch’s massive investment in this technology.

For example, reducing the size of batteries required not only reduces weight but also cost, as batteries are currently the most expensive component of electric vehicles, including ebikes.

A longer version of this article was first published in Bike Europe.

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