New Ebike Survey Gives First Australian Sales Data

By now most Australian bicycle trade members would be well aware that ebike sales have boomed overseas. Anecdotally we know that the market has been much smaller here, but is now growing at a rapid rate.

Unfortunately we don’t really know the actual Australian ebike market size or rate of growth because there has been no sales data available for Australia. Because Australian Customs do not have a unique code for ebikes, it has also not been possible to collect accurate data via import numbers.

Bicycle Industries Australia (BIA) has initiated an annual survey of all importers who sell ebikes, to be done at the end of each financial year. Most of these companies are wholesalers whilst some are retailers who directly import some of their stock.

Whilst the data will never be perfect, over the coming years with each new survey, it should at least give a reasonable accurate picture of the rate of growth of this relatively new market.

BIA has announced a preliminary total of ebike sales for the 2018/19 financial year (ended 30th June 2019) of 27,500 ebikes, sold by the following companies:

Advance Traders, Adventure Brands, Bike Box, Bike Corp, Corratec, Dyson, Electric Vehicles, Giant, Omafiets, Pon.Bike Australia, PSI (formerly Monza Imports), Ride, Rilu Trading, Sheppard Cycles, SOLA Sports, Solar, Switched On, TEBCO, Trek, Velectrix, Riese & Muller.

BIA would like to add the sales of all other companies who have imported and sold ebikes into the Australian market during the 2018/19 financial year. 

“There are a number of other brands which are significant bicycle importers, that have chosen not to participate and we would invite those to contribute data that supports the industry,” said Burke, Executive Officer of BIA.

BIA will keep all individual company sales data confidential and only release an aggregated total. If you are from one of these businesses, or any other business that has imported ebikes during this period, then please contact Peter Burke at or phone 0438 871 271.

It’s still not too late to provide your sales figure for the 2018/19 survey and the more companies that participate, the closer the figure will be to the actual total sales figure for Australia.

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