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Mahle Claims Title for Lightest e-Bike Drive System


Stuttgart, Germany

German manufacturer Mahle is claiming the title of the lightest e-bike drive system on the market, releasing the 3.2kg x20 last month.

The x20 also set a new benchmark for power-to-weight ratio, according to the Stuttgart-based automotive supplier’s e-bike division, Mahle Smartbike Systems.

A statement from Mahle says the x20’s hub motor weighs 1.4 kilograms and delivers 23 newton meters directly to the wheel, “a power output comparable with that of a mid-drive motor with 55 newton meters of torque”.

Mahle contains this power within a system that is fully integrated within the bike’s frame and hub.

“In addition, artificial intelligence delivers a customisable cycling experience that is perfectly tailored to the rider,” the statement says.

The whole x20 drive system weighs just 3.2kg. Photo credit: Mahle.

“The x20 sensor package measures acceleration, speed, torque, temperature, and pedalling rate and uses artificial intelligence to continuously adapt the drive to the person in the saddle.”

The hub can be disconnected from the system with just one click, so the rear wheel can be easily removed without technical expertise or special tools.

If more cruising range is needed, an optional range extender can be added. The range extender almost doubles the cruising range, weighs just one kilogram and, shaped like a water bottle, can be attached to the frame.

A docking station enables the range extender battery to be used as a power bank to charge a laptop or mobile phones while on the go.


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