Ebikes Focus of The Conversation Hour

Melbourne / Victoria

The Conversation Hour is a Victorian based interview and talkback program on ABC Radio.

Hosts Richelle Hunt and Warwick Long recently devoted an entire episode to the growing popularity of ebikes.

Richelle opened the program by declaring that she and her family, who were definitely not ‘hard core’ cyclists, were considering buying an ebike instead of a second car.

The program included calls from various members of the public plus experts from the Australian Electric Vehicle Association and Victoria Walks and Peter Bourke from Bicycle Industries Australia and We Ride Australia.

Given that most mainstream talkback programs that discuss cycling quickly get swamped with calls for them to ‘get off the road!’, ‘pay rego’ etc, we the producers were either filtering callers or attitudes are changing because it was wall to wall positive stories from the callers.

You can listen to the full program by clicking on ABC’s link podcast below or visit The Conversation’s website here.

The Conversation Hour Podcast: “Ebikes becoming popular in Victoria as an alternative to cars” (listen now below):

Image: By ABC Great Southern: Lisa Morrison

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