Bosch Unveils New Lighter e-MTB Drive System

Reutlingen, Germany

Bosch has unveiled its new Performance Line CX-R Limited drive unit for high-performance mountain bikes.

The CX-R Limited is the lightest drive unit produced by Bosch eBike Systems and is equipped with a new Race Mode developed exclusively for the new drive unit.

A statement from the company says the limited-edition motor provides assistance of up to 400% of the rider’s own power, to offer “energetic and direct support”.

The system weighs just 2.75kg, to assist with handling, but can deliver 85 Newton metres of force to deliver rapid acceleration out of tight bends and when negotiating obstacles.

Bosch eBike Systems CEO Claus Fleischer said mountain biking is deeply rooted in the DNA of Bosch eBike Systems. One of the first e-MTBs was equipped with a Bosch drive system back in 2010 and the Performance Line CX, released in 2014, was the first e-bike drive unit created specifically for e-MTB.

Its 2018 e-MTB mode continues to be a benchmark in the industry.

Bosch recently unveiled Extended Boost and a Hill Hold features for its e-MTB motors. Hill Hold prevents the bike from rolling backwards on extreme slopes and unrideable sections.

Cargo Line and New Navigation App

While the CX-R Limited drive unit won’t be available in time to incorporate into Bosch’s exhibit at the 2022 Micromobility Conference & Expo, the display will feature its Cargo Line drive unit for e-cargo bikes.

Cargo Line is now part of Bosch’s Smart System, which will also be on show at the expo after the company launched its new version of the Smart System at Eurobike 2022.

The Smart System exhibit at the Micromobility Conference & Expo will incorporate a recently released navigation function for its Kiox 300 display.

The new function helps riders stay oriented by automatically realigning the display to match the direction of movement.

Additional turn-by-turn directions with precise distance information makes it easier for riders to find their way, regardless of the screen displayed at the time. It ensures the rider is not unnecessarily distracted, allowing them to focus on the road ahead.

The update can be downloaded free of charge from the eBike Flow app, which also enables riders can create their own routes in the eBike Flow app.

They can choose between three route profiles: Daily (daily journeys), Leisure (leisure rides) and e-MTB (e-MTB trails).

Alternatively, they can take inspiration from the komoot app, linking their komoot profile with the eBike Flow app and importing the desired route. All route information is continuously transmitted via Bluetooth from the eBike Flow app to the Kiox 300.

The Kiox 300 also displays the estimated time to the destination and predicted time of arrival, in combination with the LED Remote, as well as a guide to recommend when to shift up or down a gear.

A further update to the Kiox 300 shows riders whether they are currently riding above or below their personal average power and average cadence, along with their current altitude, elevation covered and maximum altitude. The average values are activity-related and are reset when a new activity is started.

More information on the Bosch eBike Systems range can be found here.

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