Zoomo Meets Appetite for Better Bike Security

Sydney, NSW

Sydney company Zoomo, a specialist supplier of light electric last-mile delivery vehicles, last month launched its rider-facing mobile app, MyZoomo.

The new app is designed to enhance the courier experience, enabling riders to stay connected, track their e-bike from anywhere in the world, access instant customer support, and keep their e-bike secure.

MyZoomo has full integration with security features of a user’s e-bike, providing riders with peace of mind that their e-bike is protected against theft.

Riders can remotely enable and disable the anti-theft motor lock on their bike, as well as ring the alarm

Users can also report a theft via the MyZoomo App, which will link to Zoomo’s bike recovery service and its team of bike chasers to track down the bike.

MyZoomo enables riders to view important details about the bike before and after embarking on a journey, including the bike’s location, remaining battery life and utility of the vehicle.

This helps riders plan their journeys and never run out of battery mid-ride.

They can also book a service at their nearby store, contacting customer support, and manage their subscription.

Staff Cuts

Zoomo co-founder and CEO, Mina Nada, last month issued a statement about the company’s “difficult decision to reduce our global workforce by 16% to safely steer Zoomo through the challenging economic climate we currently face”.

“In the past 12 months, we have seen major changes in the economic environment. A year ago, we could not keep up with demand, supply chain was snarled and capital was abundant,” Mina said.

“We made decisions in line with our environment. Fast forward to today, and we’re witnessing an increasingly challenging macro-economic environment with increased risks of softened demand and tighter capital. That requires an adjustment in our strategy and cost-base.

We’ve not taken this decision lightly and know it will directly impact the lives of many of our incredible Zoomo employees. For this, we’re deeply sorry and are doing everything we can to support these individuals through the transition process.”

He said while it was an incredibly tough decision to make, it will give the company greater resilience as it enters a period of higher recessionary risks.

He confirmed every department in the business was affected, as Zoomo reduces roles that no longer align with a more focused business strategy and accelerate our pace towards achieving profitability.

It has also paused some projects.

“By placing a targeted focus on our highest-potential markets and core projects, we believe we are putting Zoomo in the best position to support our customers and partners as they strive to improve their operations and electrify their fleets. This decision will ultimately put the business in a stronger position to be the dominant operating system for commercial micromobility fleets,” Mina said.

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