Gogoro Solid-State Battery Prototype Brings Capacity Boost

Taoyuan, Taiwan

The world’s first solid-state lithium ceramic battery prototype for two-wheel battery swapping has been unveiled by Taiwanese company Gogoro, a leader in battery swapping technology.

Gogoro has worked with ProLogium Technology, a global leader in solid-state battery technology and also based in Taiwan, to develop the solid-state battery prototype, which integrates with Gogoro’s existing vehicles and swapping network. 

Gogoro founder, chairman and chief executive officer Horace Luke said the prototype delivers higher energy density for better range, improved stability and safety, and is reverse compatible with all existing Gogoro-powered vehicles.

Solid-state battery technologies present a new phase in the future of electric vehicles

“It’s imperative we take advantage of the latest battery innovations to introduce a new era of electric transportation growth and adoption in our cities,” he said.

“As a next generation of battery chemistry, solid-state lithium ceramic batteries are expected to replace traditional lithium-ion batteries and become the mainstream power source for electric vehicles and consumer electronics.”

Gogoro GoStation networks currently host around 340,000 daily battery swaps. Photo: CHRIS STOWERS/AFP via Getty Images

Gogoro estimates its solid-state batteries will surpass the capacity of current lithium batteries by about 40%, from 1.7 kWh to 2.5 kWh. 

ProLogium Technology founder and CEO Vincent Yang said solid-state battery technologies present a new phase in the future of electric vehicles.

“We look forward to advancing this Gogoro prototype battery into a commercial offering in the future,” Vincent said.

Gogoro’s network of battery swapping GoStations, designed for the company’s electric mopeds, currently hosts about 340,000 daily battery swaps. It has recorded more than 260 million total battery swaps to date.

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