Webinar Examines Skills Shortages to Deliver Cycleways

Sydney, NSW

An Engineers Australia webinar on Tuesday 14 June will examine the skills shortages that need to be addressed to successfully roll out cycleways and other infrastructure for sustainable transport.

The free Future of Active Transport in NSW webinar will consider whether there is enough people with the right skills to deliver the State Government’s plans for more cycleways to encourage healthier and more sustainable modes of transport.

“How do we go about identifying and filling these gaps?” the webinar’s organisers ask.

The NSW Minister for Active Transport, Rob Stokes, will be among the speakers for the hour-long webinar, will is part of the Engineers Australia’s Thought Leaders Series and is being held in partnership with the University of NSW (UNSW).

Speakers will also include the City of Sydney’s Manager Cycling Strategy, Fiona Campbell, and active transport consultant Dick van den Dool, who have a combined total of near 50 years’ experience in the industry.

The webinar will be moderated by the director of UNSW’s recently established Australian Graduate School of Engineering (AGSE), Stuart Khan, who has been involved in creating a new course in cycleway design.

The seven-week course, including a two-day immersive experience with site visits, will give participants a detailed knowledge of designing separated cycleways.

In an article in Engineers Australia’s Create publication, Stuart says there is an obvious skills gap in the quest to deliver the cycleway networks proposed by government.

“The NSW Government are putting forward a lot of funding to build the essential infrastructure, but that funding must be matched with the technical skills required to properly design and build the right infrastructure,”

he said.

Find out more or sign up for the webinar, which begins at 4pm.

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